The Suncook Valley Railroad

On this page, you will find information about the Suncook Valley Railroad and the railroad's customers up and down the Suncook Valley.  I will also share some of my modeling projects of SV and related subjects, and I include some links to portions of my B&M subdomain that have particular relevance to the SV.  All the information you find here should be considered a work in process.  If you have additional information or photos or experiences, please share it with me, no matter how small.

For an excellent history of the Suncook Valley Railroad, see The Blueberry Express, by the SVRRHS and edited by John Hutchins.

Suncook Valley Railroad Prototype Data

SV track chart - PDF (3 megs) created from images provided by Scott Whitney
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps- Pittsfield & Suncook only
ICC Valuation Survey Maps- Val Sections 23-1, 23.6, & 29
Suncook Loop and Branch Sidings Changes- until independent operation
Structure Plans Updated
Interchange Report for November and December 1952
Revenue Freight Charts Updated
Freight Service Documents

Customers of the Suncook Valley

B&M Connecting Trains

Service to Suncook : B&M Trains at Suncook 1924-1936
B&M Train 303

Modeling the Suncook Valley in S Scale

Bailey's Quarry & Bailey's Lumber

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