The Suncook Valley Railroad

For an excellent history of the Suncook Valley Railroad, see The Blueberry Express, by the SVRRHS and edited by John Hutchins.

NOTE! Much of the B&M material formerly available here has been moved my new: B&M subdomain.

On this page, you will find additional information about the Suncook Valley Railroad and the railroad’s customers up and down the Suncook Valley.   I will also share some of my modeling projects of SV and related subjects.  All the information you find here should be considered a work in process.  If you have additional information or photos or experiences, please share it with me, no matter how small.

Suncook Valley Railroad Prototype Data

SV track chart- PDF (3 megs) created from images provided by Scott Whitney
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps- Pittsfield & Suncook only
ICC Valuation Survey Maps- Val Sections 23-1 & 29
Structure Plans- More coming!
Interchange Report for November and December 1952- More to come.
Freight Service Documents-

Customers of the Suncook Valley

1952 Customers- coming… someday!
Textron/Emerson Mfg Fire Insurance Map- link to map at American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA.

B&M Connecting Trains

B&M Trains at Suncook
B&M Train 303

Modeling the Suncook Valley in S Scale

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